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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo


Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

b. 1696 Venice, d. 1770

Madrid I saw this painting at the royal palace in Madrid and fell in love with Tiepolo immediately Apotheosis of Spain. Below see his crucifixion from the St. Louis art museum. It has recently been removed from public view. Trained in Venice, Tiepolo also worked in Spain and Germany. His work is simply awe-inspiring.

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - Apollo and the Con...

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo – Apollo and the Continents – WGA22323 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Born into a wealthy and noble family in Venice, Giambattista Tiepolo was recognized by contemporaries throughout Europe as the greatest painter of large-scale decorative frescoes in the 1700s. He was admired for having brought fresco painting to new heights of technical virtuosity, illumination, and dramatic effect. Tiepolo possessed an imagination characterized by one of his contemporaries as “all spirit and fire.”

2nd third of 16th century

2nd third of 16th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A gifted storyteller, Tiepolo painted walls and ceilings with large, expansive scenes of intoxicating enchantment. In breath-taking visions of mythology and religion, the gods and saints inhabit light-filled skies. His ability to assimilate his predecessor and compatriot Paolo Veronese’s use of color was so profound that his contemporaries named him Veronese redivio (a new Veronese). His style was also influenced by renaissance artist Tintoretto.  He was the great eighteenth century painter of the baroque and rococo periods.



Last supper


Tiepolo Crucifixion, Saint Louis Art Museum, SLAM

Tiepolo’s commissions came from the old-established families of Italy, religious orders, and the royal houses of Spain, Germany, Sweden, and Russia. His frescoes adorn palaces, churches, and villas, and his artistic legacy consists of some eight hundred paintings, 2,400 drawings, two sets of etchings, and acres of fresco. When Tiepolo died at the age of seventy-four, a Venetian diarist noted the “bitter loss” of “the most famous Venetian painter, truly the most renowned…well known in Europe and the most highly praised in his native land.”

David Teniers, younger

Würzburg Residence

Würzburg is a town on the romantic road in Germany. Also on the romantic road Castle Neuschwannstein and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Wuerzburg Residenz

Wuerzburg Residenz

Tiepolo was active in Italy, Germany, and Spain.

This ceiling and staircase made quite an impression on me the first time I saw it 36 years ago.

Margaret Lewis told me the first time she saw the his ceiling frescoes in Venice it left her in tears, also Rembrandt and Venus de Milo.

Mid-18th century
Mid-18th century (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What artist has influenced you?

What trip or city have you visited that has had a particular influence on you?

Do you have a favorite painting in your home city?

Do you know of another artist with as far reaching a range as Tiepolo?;jsessionid=16f06j5jjb65e?dsid=2222&dekey=Giovanni+Battista+Tiepolo&sbid=lc04a&linktext=Tiepolo
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Europe Madrid 1974: More on one of my popular blogs


Europe Madrid 1974








Now, I’m asked tell us more about that first trip to Europe in 1974. The one when you were 17. The one forty years ago.

Madrid was the first city I visited in Europe.

Well, actually I was supposed to go when I was in 8th grade with my PE teacher, but that one fell through because we didn’t get enough people to sign up. There were other trips to choose from including ones to Germany and Salzburg.

The great thing about that Madrid trip was we spent a month  studying the art, history, and culture of the countries before we left. Europe has some great art museums. We spent time in Madrid just walking around looking at shops and supermarkets. They had interesting  soft drinks and coffees for sale. I am very excited. It is so much fun just walking around the hotel looking at things. We also visited Retiro park, the Rastro, Botins, a bullfight, and my favorite department store in Madrid el Corte Ingles. We also visited  the Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace.

There is no king. Other landmarks include the great post office and telecommunications building and plaza mayor.Our trip also included a side trip to the ancient capital of Toledo. Madrid is a lively city with a great nightlife. I returned there in 1975, 1978 and with my wife in 1992. Well with the death of Franco in November 1975, Juan Carlos became King of Spain. He served until 2014 until he

abdicated in favor of his son Felipe VI.

We ate most of our meals in the hotel, chicken I think, a few times we got beef. I went to my first discotheque in Madrid. Some of the girls got their nails done at Elisabeth Arden.  After a few days in Madrid we flew to Rome on Alitalia.

Madrid has a different culture. Everything shuts down after lunch. Shops close. Dinner often isn’t taken till after 10 o’clock at night. The national delicacy is pulpo in su tinta squid in its own ink.

Edie’s big five art museums, two are in Italy.

  1. The British Museum, London a little different no paintings
  2. Vatican Museum, Rome the atlanten,  Gallery of mosaic maps, and of course the Sistine Chapel
  3. Uffizi Gallery, Florence Botticelli, Leonardo, and Raphael. Now you have to wait in line forever. In 1974 you could just walk right in.
  4. images


    Hermitage, Leningrad/Saint Petersburg I went there twice.

  5. Louvre, Paris the word’s most famous and most visited museum with all those goodies. O, where to begin? You can visit the Louvre for free any day until your 18th birthday. Closed Tuesday.

Runners up

The Prado, Madrid


Goya Clothed and Naked Maja


KHM Infatada Maria Thersa

Museum of Fine arts (Kunsthistorishes museum) Vienna

Old picture gallery, Munich (Alte Pinakothek)

National Museum, Tokyo

  •  What is your favorite museum?
  • Do you remember your first trip abroad?
  • What interesting drinks or foods do you remember about that trip?
  • What was your favorite thing of memory about high school?
Leonardo Alte pinakotek

Leonardo Alte Pinakothek


Travel Post 2970 My View

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What is your favorite travel destination? Please share your travel experiences.

Who is your favorite painter?

Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day?

Berlin and Istanbul are both considered divided cities, but in a different way. Explain.


What was that POST about, yesterday?

What was that POST about, yesterday?

* Munich Oktoberfest starts Today.

* The Munich Oktoberfest takes place on the Wiesn or fairground. Where the six largest breweries set up tents with brass bands and carnival rides. Originally a wedding celebration the party have lasted 200 years. * Well, a German Maas is one liter of beer at the Oktoberfest in Munich, that costs 10 euros. That’s $12.00.
* People complain they don’t get a full serving. Less than 15% of patrons state they get a proper fill, with more than half the glass being foam. This is a big problem since the size of the draft is regulated by the Bavarian government. Some patrons reported getting less than a full Ausschank/fill.
* This is nothing new. People have complained about this for years, but it seems to be getting worse, not better.

* This is what a good fill looks like


Robert Bereny

English: Coat of arms of Budapest Magyar: Buda...

English: Coat of arms of Budapest Magyar: Budapest címere. Русский: Герб Будапешта (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ImageBudapest Budapest Budapest

This Museum is on Hero’s square in Budapest, Hungary. Bereny was a Hungarian post-impressionist artist in fin de siècle Central Europe. One of a group called the Eight.

Location of Budapest in Hungary

Location of Budapest in Hungary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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One of my top ten favorite places in the world


Moscow Novodevichy Convent Part 18/27

English: Russian alphabet

English: Russian alphabet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Map of the Volga watershed with the Moskva hig...

Map of the Volga watershed with the Moskva highlighted; the two rivers are directly connected by the Moscow Canal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched in the 1975 film.

Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched in the 1975 film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: took using mobile phone on 7 Septembe...

English: took using mobile phone on 7 September, 2008, in Moscow. River Moskva with Novodevichy Convent in the distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Repin, 2004.06.21, Helsinki

Repin, 2004.06.21, Helsinki (Photo credit: Kitruk)

7/17 Wednesday Moscow

This morning we went to a Kindergarten it was fun.  The kids looked scared at first but when we left they were friendlier.  They played the cutest games.  A woman explained the way they indoctrinate the kids. (I was amazed as the woman claimed these kids would be brought up by the state, with practically no need for parents, who are busy working.) Alla said that most people accept things without thinking about them.  I guess that’s what they do to the kids.  Everything is ordered.  At the Kindergarten they even have a set method to teach the kids how to count.  I wonder what these kids will be like when they are grown up in 1984, hah-hah.  I was sorry we didn’t have more to give them.  The one matron reminded me of big nurse Ratched  in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  Every time the inspector came they put on an act for him. We saw a kid with a bloody nose.  They said he had been playing with the chickens.  I bet that kid with the bloody nose wasn’t playing with the chickens.  I didn’t even see any chickens.  They could at least have washed his bloody face. In the afternoon we went to the Tretyakov Museum.  I liked many of the paintings, but the icons did not impress me.  Many of the landscapes looked almost real. Ivan Kramskoy Christ in the WildernessMoscow Novodevichy Convent Khrushchev new grave and tombstone There was an interesting portrait of Christ’s return from the dessert Alexander Ivanov  although the commentary was biased also liked the Death of Ivan the Terrible’s Son by Repin. Nikolay Gay. Peter the Great Interrogating the Tsarevich  The pictures with political themes were the best. In the evening we took a boat ride on the Moscow River.  It was nice  to see some of the buildings, but the most interesting part was my discussion with the man from Poland.  First he helped us pronounce Aeroflot and then the  Russian alphabet. Then I discovered he did not speak Russian or English only Polish and German. After that I had a very nice discussion with him.  I guess I didn’t realize until this time that Polish was a separate language.  I have been having interesting conversations with Alla and Roger, sometimes.





First time over the Pacific Ocean 1979

Great Circle Route Auckland and Honolulu

Another View

Another View

This was the first time I flew over the Pacific Ocean.  Pacific Ocean travel was begun using a complicated route by PanAmerican Airways in the 1930’s.  It involved many stops for refueling. Including Guam, Honolulu and Manila.  The key to the whole route was wake island. Without it the flight would have been impossible as planes could not carry that much fuel in those days.


Betsy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PanAm Jumbo

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 (B-HUA) taxiing ...

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400 (B-HUA) taxiing to a gate at Singapore Changi Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to legend, the airline was conceived by Farrell and some foreign correspondents at the bar of the Manila Hotel. On Cathay Pacific’s maiden voyage, Roy Farrell and Sydney de Kantzow flew from Hong Kong to Manila, and later on to Shanghai. They had a single Douglas DC-3, nicknamed Betsy. The airline initially flew routes between Hong Kong, Sydney, Manila, Singapore, Shanghai, and Canton, while scheduled service was limited to Bangkok, Manila, and Singapore only.