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Stuck in the ’70’s

Something that I care about

If you know anything about me you know I went to high school in the 1970’s. So what’s it like to be stuck there?

  • Disco
  • Oil Embargo
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Inflation
  • Gas is 30 cents/ gal I noticed my keyboard doesn’t even have the cents sign anymore
  • Nixon visits China
  • The Brady Bunch-are you kidding?
  • Peter Max
  • Psychedelic art
  • Bell Bottoms
Osaka Daimaru 1979

Osaka Daimaru 1979



Iron Curtain: eiserne Vorhang

Iron Curtain: eiserne Vorhang

1977 Supreme Soviet of the USSR declare the dictatorship of the proletariat fulfilled

University of Regensburg 1965

University of Regensburg 1965

Is Putin trying to revive the failed Soviet Union?images imgres imgresI was still in divided Germany in 1977 for the sixtieth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Regensburg was less than an hour by car from the Czech border and the Iron Curtain. The outcome of the Cold War was far from clear.

How many more anniversaries would there be after that?
I could listen to their propaganda on my shortwave radio.
The Berlin wall crashes just twelve years later in 1989.

Boris Kustodiev and Nicholas Roerich


Three Year Nazi Siege of Leningrad 1941

Map of Siefe of Leningrad

Map of Siefe of Leningrad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bronze Horseman camouflaged from the Germa...

The Bronze Horseman camouflaged from the German aircraft during the Siege of Leningrad, August 8, 1941. Source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free Money Collection in Cash

Free Money Collection in Cash (Photo credit:

“Sailors going to the front”. Sailors going to...

“Sailors going to the front”. Sailors going to the front. Leningrad. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things about GERMANY

Things about Germany that are German

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Beer and Wine



Cuckoo Clocks

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Feuerzangenbowle Video

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Glass blowing


Christmas Ornaments-wooden Erzgebirge


Porcelain-Dresden, Meissen


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