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Iron Curtain: eiserne Vorhang

Iron Curtain: eiserne Vorhang

1977 Supreme Soviet of the USSR declare the dictatorship of the proletariat fulfilled

University of Regensburg 1965

University of Regensburg 1965

Is Putin trying to revive the failed Soviet Union?images imgres imgresI was still in divided Germany in 1977 for the sixtieth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Regensburg was less than an hour by car from the Czech border and the Iron Curtain. The outcome of the Cold War was far from clear.

How many more anniversaries would there be after that?
I could listen to their propaganda on my shortwave radio.
The Berlin wall crashes just twelve years later in 1989.

Boris Kustodiev and Nicholas Roerich



Travels in Germany 1978 map

My travels

My travels



Kallmunz was a village north of Regensburg on the Naab river a left bank tributary of the Danube, where Kandinsky lived a short time in 1904 during his formative period.

Napoleon was hospitalized at the Karthauspruell abbey after being wounded at Regensburg in 1809.

Kloster Pruefening west of Regensburg has the largest Roman cemetery in Germany.

Things about Germany that are German

  • Lederhosen
  • Gummibären
  • Oktoberfest
  • Max Beckmann
  • Wasily Kandinsky-Bauhaus Desau
  • Universities
  • German Expressionism
  • Protestantism
  • Black Forest tort
  • Beer and hundreds of kinds of sausages
Kloster Prüfenig

Kloster Prüfening


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The Day of Four Popes: The New Saints

The twentieth century

Four Popes and two Saints

April 27, 2014. Sunday

800,000 people pack St Peters square.

The terms liberal and conservative don’t really apply. They are both Radical in their own way. Two men of courage.

Popes of the twentieth century.

I’ve seen two Saints and four popes. This was a very special week.  an unprecedented double canonization.

An Argentine pope, a German pope, a Polish pope,  and an Italian pope.

Pope Francis the first pope from the western hemisphere.

Pope Benedict XVI from Regensburg, the first German pope in 800 years and the first pope to witness the conclave and election of his successor.

Saint John Paul II

The first Polish Pope. A man of unprecedented popularity. He visited 129 countries.

My family was one of a select few to met the holy father during his trip to Saint Louis in 1999.


Saint John XXIII

At my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday her first, cousin not a catholic, told me in 2000
I don’t think people today understand the love people felt for John XXIII.