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A year abroad 1977-8

English: Julius Henry "Groucho"


Luxembourg (Photo credit: dennisikeller)

A year abroad in Germany 1977-8

I spent my junior year abroad in Regensburg, Germany–50 weeks in all. I left Chicago for Luxembourg on Icelandic with seven other students from Vanderbilt. The plane made a stop in Iceland. It is my third trip to Europe.

I have met most of these people for the first time. We spent a day touring the old city of Luxembourg before taking the train to Regensburg. We saw the medieval casement fortress on the rock of the bock and the Allied cemetery and the grave of General Patton.

First Night in Regensburg


When we got to Regensburg our program director was waiting for us at the Bahnhof to take us to the dormitory. With luggage we could only fit two student in his car at a time. There are three dorms for Americans, we are all spread out. I’m living in Vitusheim. I’m the only American on my floor, also the only male. 

That night we set out downtown to find somewhere to eat, bus #5. That is take the bus till you get downtown, you’ll find somewhere to eat. I never found hat place again. The Mensa won’t open for another 6 weeks. It is the end of August classes don’t start until November. We will take a six-week intensive German course followed by an exam. If we pass we will matriculate at the University and be able to enroll in any class they offer. The exam is given by the German government.

Regensburg is in Bavaria one of the ten German sates. Germany is a divided country.

Current events for 1977-8

It was the summer Elvis died

  • Groucho Marx died
  • Hans-Martin Schleyer kidnapped in Germany
  • The terrorist group red brigade was active in Germany
  • Aldo Moro kidnapped in Italy
  • Tomb of Philip II discovered in Macedonia
  • Jimmy Carter is President of the United States
  • Bill Clinton’s mentor died, Carroll Quigley
  • Worst winter in Istanbul and Greece in 40 yrs
  • Pope Paul VI died.
  • Pope John Paul I died.
  • Anwar Sadat visited Israel
English: President Anwar Sadat of Egypt upon h...

English: President Anwar Sadat of Egypt upon his arrival in the United States for a visit. Photograph taken at Andrews Air Force Base. Česky: Egyptský prezident Anvar as-Sádát při návštěvě USA, Základna leteckých sil Andrews. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Disco rules
  • Saturday Night Fever. Bee Gees Barry Gibbs. It’s another disco summer.
  • Donna Summer
  • BA Concorde service began service

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