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Katie’s Blog: Rossman School visit September 2014

This is a guest blog by Katie Gast

Rossman School is an independent school in St. Louis County, Missouri.Unlike Ted, who blogs about the past. I am blogging about the future.

I am getting ready to start an EXCITING NEW ADVENTURE!

I am getting ready for my first school visit. I will visit a kindergarten and first grade class to read my new iBook: Police Hens.

Police Hens iBook

Police Hens iBook

Police Hens is the story of three rather silly hens who get a job on the police force. They investigate a robbery on the farm. They have unique and funny problems because they are, after all, chickens.

I am using the book as a fun way to start a conversation about Community Helpers.  And the classes I am visiting have just begun to discuss community helpers. So there you go.

They said that I can use their smart board. I have never used a smart board and had to google what it is. It looks good. I hope I can connect my iPad to it. I googled that too, but then decided to ask the school if they had the connectors. I am waiting to hear back from the technology person.

So hopefully, I will read my story with my pictures up on the smart board. And then what???  I have been looking for good community helper activities. I have taken a few pages from the book and made them into pages to be colored. Here is one of them:


I have also  made a maze, but I’m not sure what type mazes this age likes. Still more work to be done on google.  Here is what I have so far:


Have you done a Community Helper activity at a school? 

What works best with Kindergarten and First Graders? 

I am a bit nervous. Is there an emoticon for that?

This is what I found



Comments are always welcome!

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