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Madrid column 1974 20/27 Moscow, USSR

7/19 Friday Moscow

A free day at last!

Walked around downtown and ran into some people from our group at the hotel Moscow. Had lunch there. Actually the HOTEL Rossiya with 3200 rooms the largest hotel in Europe untill closing in 2006. date accessed 2012 April 3. It was more of a Buffet, just sausage and cheese. Is this really the best food Moscow has to offer? St. Basil’s was fascinating. I wanted to see it very much. The cupolas really have an order to them; they look like a hodgepodge from outside.




The icons inside were beautiful Next I went to the Pushkin and saw the Mona Lisa. I really didn’t want to, but now I can say I’ve seen it. Many of the other galleries in the Pushkin were closed, like the Picasso, el Greco, Rembrandt and others. There were many copies of Michelangelo statues (David, Moses, Pieta, Day and Night). There were even copies of unfinished works (the prisoner, standing pieta). The David was top heavy and had to be screwed to the wall. A real testimonial to Michelangelo’s genius.

7/20 Saturday Moscow

Today I set out on an adventure of my own. The Moscow subway is beautiful. People have been very helpful helping me get around by myself on the subway. The Moscow Zoo. I’m dying to see the pandas. Saw a lot of animals including tigers. I was very disappointed to find out that the pandas are dead. The Moscow zoo is one of the finest in the world. I also saw many children there. It was crowded.

Took the night train for Leningrad. Moscow Leningradski [daily 23.30] – St Petersburg Moskovski [7.05]. Total time: 7h55m. Kissed all the girls good night on the train. Arrived at Moskovski Station.


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  1. As I look back on it after 38 years food was a big problem in the USSR for those like us who weren’t in the know. We were booked on the Sputnik tour not Intourist. So much of the facilities and meals were lacking. Sputnik was used for students and people from other East block countries.

    This turned into an advantage because I got to meet many people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Instead of more westerners.

    At this point I would like to relate the interesting story of the hotel shower.There was no shower stall or or bathtub per se. The whole bathroom was brick tiled with a drain in the floor and used as a shower. One just turned on the faucet and voila the whole bathroom including sink, towels and toilet was covered with water by the time one got done.

    The rooms in general were much smaller than Western hotels even for students. Landscaping was also non existent even a hotel that was 10 years old still looked like a construction site.

    April 3, 2012 at 6:30 pm

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