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Sunday, last day in Vienna on to Moscow 1974

7/14 Sunday Vienna


Went to Schoenbrunn today.  It is a beautiful palace, it means beautiful fountain.  As you enter the main gates you pass the marble columns left by Napoleon.   For awhile Napoleon was allied with Austria, a very short time and was living at Schoenbrunn.  He had they marble columns brought in and when he was forced to flee he didn’t have time to remove them.  Tonight I went to the amusement park the Prater with Lisa, Laura, and Roland.  Went into the fun house and the mirror house.  In addition, the Ferris wheel and other rides like the bobsled with Lisa. I really had fun tonight.

Tomorrow on to Moscow and USSR.

7/15 Monday Moscow

Today we take a plane to Moscow. Domodedovo Airport

This is the first time on the trip I can say I’m actually excited about going somewhere on the trip.  It wouldn’t matter how bad things are in Russia; I’m looking forward to the experience.  I don’t know why but I have a feeling I got gypped in Austria, both on money and sightseeing.  The flight to Moscow was bumpy but the service was the best so far (Austrian Air).   I talked to the man sitting next to me in English and German.  He laughed when I asked him if Red Square was closed.  If there were any KGB men on the plane I would swear one of them was the man sitting next to me.  I t was a long ride from the airport to the Hotel Sputnik, built in 1967.  It is managed by the agency for Russian and eastern bloc tourists and students, not Intourist, which caters to westerners.  It is near the exhibition of economic achievements VDNKh  and Mukhina’s Worker and Farmer monument statue from the 1937 Paris and 1967 Montreal worlds fair is visible form our metro stop. So is the Soviet space memorial

Reminiscent of the St. Louis arch,  just nine years old. Everyone bitched when we got to our rooms, but I didn’t think they were so bad.  I just kept thinking if the Russians lived any better.  Someone said we had horsemeat for dinner.  If we did it was not that bad.  I’ve decided that I

Fountain          Hyperbola                 St. Louis Arch

won’t bitch about the food.  If  it gets to be really bad I just won’t eat it, but I don’t think it will be too bad.  The thing I’ll miss most is water.  I couldn’t

resist.  I drank some from the tap.  I hope I don’t die.  The guys that were already here told us all kinds of stories about how bad things are but I don’t believe them.  I’ve already been approached by some black marketers, some of them are quite strange.  I’m having fun with the language.  I had fun talking to the receptionist, it took me five minutes to tell her I wanted to go for a walk.  She kept telling me that the restaurant was closed.  When I asked her if I needed my passport she told me that it wasn’t her job but at block B they would know, so I assumed that meant no.  I know she never understood me.  I hope I’ll be able to get around here.

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