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Moscow Novodevichy Convent Part 18/27

English: Russian alphabet

English: Russian alphabet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Map of the Volga watershed with the Moskva hig...

Map of the Volga watershed with the Moskva highlighted; the two rivers are directly connected by the Moscow Canal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched in the 1975 film.

Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched in the 1975 film. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: took using mobile phone on 7 Septembe...

English: took using mobile phone on 7 September, 2008, in Moscow. River Moskva with Novodevichy Convent in the distance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Repin, 2004.06.21, Helsinki

Repin, 2004.06.21, Helsinki (Photo credit: Kitruk)

7/17 Wednesday Moscow

This morning we went to a Kindergarten it was fun.  The kids looked scared at first but when we left they were friendlier.  They played the cutest games.  A woman explained the way they indoctrinate the kids. (I was amazed as the woman claimed these kids would be brought up by the state, with practically no need for parents, who are busy working.) Alla said that most people accept things without thinking about them.  I guess that’s what they do to the kids.  Everything is ordered.  At the Kindergarten they even have a set method to teach the kids how to count.  I wonder what these kids will be like when they are grown up in 1984, hah-hah.  I was sorry we didn’t have more to give them.  The one matron reminded me of big nurse Ratched  in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  Every time the inspector came they put on an act for him. We saw a kid with a bloody nose.  They said he had been playing with the chickens.  I bet that kid with the bloody nose wasn’t playing with the chickens.  I didn’t even see any chickens.  They could at least have washed his bloody face. In the afternoon we went to the Tretyakov Museum.  I liked many of the paintings, but the icons did not impress me.  Many of the landscapes looked almost real. Ivan Kramskoy Christ in the WildernessMoscow Novodevichy Convent Khrushchev new grave and tombstone There was an interesting portrait of Christ’s return from the dessert Alexander Ivanov  although the commentary was biased also liked the Death of Ivan the Terrible’s Son by Repin. Nikolay Gay. Peter the Great Interrogating the Tsarevich  The pictures with political themes were the best. In the evening we took a boat ride on the Moscow River.  It was nice  to see some of the buildings, but the most interesting part was my discussion with the man from Poland.  First he helped us pronounce Aeroflot and then the  Russian alphabet. Then I discovered he did not speak Russian or English only Polish and German. After that I had a very nice discussion with him.  I guess I didn’t realize until this time that Polish was a separate language.  I have been having interesting conversations with Alla and Roger, sometimes.

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