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Two Days in Vienna

7/12 Friday Vienna


Peter’s Kirche is completely different for the Duomo of Florence.  For one thing St. Peter’s of Wien is smaller than the  Duomo.  The Duomo was gothic; Peterskirche is baroque.  The original gothic church burned down.

           Duomo                              Peter’s Kirche

It has round arches.  It has a vertical marble pattern rather than a horizontal zebra look.  The colors blend better than in the Duomo. It is more aesthetic, no zebra look.  Peterskirche has an oval dome not a round one and wasn’t built with two shells.  There are frescoes on the dome.  The chapels aren’t  as conspicuous as in the Duomo.  Peterskirche was rebuilt on the ashes of the old church in 1701-1733 to repay God for ending the pestilence.  The Dome fresco depicts the coronation of the Virgin.  The altar depicts the healing of the lame and also shows Peter and Paul.  After Peterskirche we went to St. Stefan.  The view from St. Stefan is similar to that in Rome and Florence.  It gives a good panoramic view of the city.  Unfortunately, it was very cloudy and raining when we were there so we couldn’t see far.


We could barely see the Ferris wheel at the Prater.  On a clear day the view is supposed to be fantastic.  After the church, I looked for a book to teach English to Germans, but couldn’t find one.  Then I went to St Augustines (Augustinerkirche),  After asking around for directions in German.   The hearts  of all the Hapsburgs are kept in  urns in the basement of St. Augustine’s. 

After lunch we went to the Staatsoper for a tour; it was fun, we were lucky there are no operas in July so we got to go backstage and see them clean the chandelier.  Then I went out shopping and then back to the train station to get my journal.  What an exciting adventure!  No one knew English, I really got to use my German.  After explaining about five minutes; the manager finally remembered the group and got my journal out of his desk.  To get home I asked for directions, auf deutsch and met a nice man.  He told me how the trolleys ran and explained the numbers, and showed on a map and took me half way home on the trolley.  At the next trolley stop I met another couple who helped me to the bus stop.  They got off before I did, but I think they told the whole trolley when I should get off, because when we got to the bus stop everyone told me to get off.  That night we had Sauerbraten.  I played cards with the girls and won a beer.


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