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More Italy 1974 Florence 1974 part 11, 12 and 13

English: Coat of Arms of Florence, Italy, trac...

English: Coat of Arms of Florence, Italy, traced off of File:Firenze-Stemma.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7/9 Tuesday

This morning I went to the San Lorenzo market  and bought a chicken head for show and tell.  I went for my report on grocery stores.  I really enjoyed the market, watching them chop the meat and skin the fish, etc.  A chicken head costs L50 (10 cents) and the feet are free.  I also went to the Ponte vecchio and shopping. Found a million lire watch (about $2000.00).  This was the day of the work strike.  During lunch I made my presentation of Grocery stores.  Everyone was surprised to receive by blessing with the chicken head.  I have been nicknamed St. Ted of the Chicken head.  Cheri is the Queen of the tootses.
Tonight I went to Harry’s American Bar for a peach juice and vodka and had a good time.  I’ve decided Roland doesn’t know anything about drinking and will probably end up like Rothman.  The bar tender at Harry’s was very nice, and we had interesting conversations. afternoon I took a tape tour of the Uffizi.   What a fiasco!  I had so much trouble with the machine I couldn’t enjoy the museum.  A walking guide in a book would have been so much better, or even a book similar to the one from the Prado.  I don’t have a good impression of the Uffizi.  Talk about looking like a tourist, and on top of it I was all tied up in the cord, what a dumb idea!  The fact that they had moved the pictures all over made things worse.  As far as the paintings: I still think the works of the Germans like Duerer are better, maybe because they painted in a later century, his pictures are clearer, have better perspective, and look more realistic.

7/10  Wednesday Florence

Went back to the Boboli gardens to the dwarf, took Lisa and Susie.  They didn’t like the gardens either.  The dwarf and the pig are two sculptures in Florence.  The Dwarf is a stone statue of a fat naked man on a turtle.  It was built during the Renaissance.  At that time dwarves and other oddities fascinated people.  Some say it depicts one of the Medicis, and was done by a jealous rival to bring bad luck.  But today rubbing the dwarf’s stomach brings good luck.  The pig stands at the front of the straw market.  It is not the original statue.  The original was a marble one from Roman times but it was stolen.  There has always been some kind of statue there, though.  Always of a pig but not of the same material, marble granite, bronze.

Some saying rubbing the pig’s nose brings good luck, but others say in a more specific way.  Rubbing the pig’s nose will make a fair, young maiden or anyone pregnant.  I wonder what will happen to Scott Rothman, who rubbed the nose.  The fountain is also used to take collections for a hospital in Florence, they’ve collected lots of money there.


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