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6/27 1974 Thursday Madrid

6/27  Thursday  Madrid

Finally left Bangor, slept a little on the plane.  Saw a sign on a hill as we flew into Madrid.   “Cynar”, no one I asked new what it meant.  They have interesting red soil in Spain. Flew over Lisbon and we didn’t even know it.  I am rooming with Mike.  We are staying in a hotel downtown.  Went out to look around the hotel.  Went to a market.. Saw little bottles of interesting red drinks. Had a cinzano, el rojo vivo.

6/28 Friday  Madrid

Cinzano, el rojo vivo

I had a good time today.  Went downtown in the morning and shopped, but didn’t buy anything. Saw the Post Office and Army Headquarters.  The soldiers wouldn’t let us photograph them.  The big movie in town is Young Frankenstein Had lunch –the food here is all right most people complain about it but before we left I decided I would eat the food without complaining no matter how bad.  Went on our first Tour today, I guess I’ll be sick of them when the trip is over, but I had fun today.  I love Siesta; I don’t know what I’d do without it.  One place we went was Retiro Park.  It was beautiful. And so was the lake, I’d like to go back.  The statue there is dedicated to the Artichoke.  We also went to the bullring (Museo Taurino).  Before the bullfight the Matador prays in the chapel by the ring.  Manolete was a famous bullfighter;  he died from wounds in 1947 at the age of 20. Juan Belmonte was another famous bullfighter.  El Cordobes was also killed in the ring.  He was retired but returned for one more fight and was killed.  Tonight we went to a Discotheque, it was fun.   I’d never been to one before.  Someone  got drunk and made a fool of himself.   He would have killed himself on the way home if he hadn’t had help.


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