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St Petersburg 1974

English: Yacht club in Saint-Petersburg (Krest...

English: Yacht club in Saint-Petersburg (Krestovsky island) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Map of Krestovsky Island, Saint Peter...

English: Map of Krestovsky Island, Saint Petersburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

St Petersburg 1974 aka Leningrad

Hotel Druzhba: Friendship this is the hotel where we stayed it was way out on Krestovsky Island. It took a long time to get out there by bus.

Two things I remember about Leningrad were not being able to drink the water and a frightening experience on the tram downtown at rush hour. People were in such a hurry to get home and the tram so crowded they refused to give way at a stop and ended going more than two stops past my way before being able to even get off. Fortunately I was befriended by a couple of students who spoke

German and they helped me find my way.

Kirov Stadium

Blue line petrogradskaya

Botanical Garden

TV Tower

Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt (Stony island avenue)

Krestovsky Island (Cross Island)

Date accessed 7/30 2006

St. Petersburg Metro date accessed 8/10 2006

The Park covers 168 hectares (243 hectares if the Kirov Stadium is included), and combines features of landscaping and formal gardening. It is centered on the main “axis” of the Central Avenue, decorated with flowerbeds and ornamental shrubbery. The Central Avenue ends at a square on which stands a statue of Sergei Kirov, the man who ran the Communist Party in Leningrad before being assassinated in 1934, and after whom the stadium at the park’s seaward end is named. On two parallel avenues there are bronze sculptures called the Black Sea Fisherman and the Girl Greeting the Victors.

The Maritime Victory Park on Krestovsky Island was opened in 1945 and is dedicated to the Allied victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. It quickly became and has remained a popular place among St. Petersburgers ever since, combining roles as a sporting center and a memorial. It is home to attractions, restaurants and even a cozy little beach, and is popular among young people who come to ride their bikes or go skating, while its North and South Lakes are lovely places for a romantic stroll. date accessed 7/23/2008



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